Not the first flowers this year in Surrey, where we live. Punjabi store where we buy grocery.
Usual view from any part of the city. Amiya is getting crazy about two compartment sink.
Main room. They call it rest room.
Bed/bad room [before morning cleaning] You can call it office.
Massy futon. We still live from boxes. ...And our home front.
...and back side of the home. Before going to make pictures for all of you Amiya Kanti takes extra snack in plastic bag.
The line above the road is "Sky Train" line. "Sky Train" from the top station view. Train just coming. It is the train without a driver! Can you believe?!
Starting to explore the snack bag. And this is a bridge as we go by Sky Train.
Nice, ha? Scientific Center and Vancouver far behind.
And now it is a water as we go by ferry. Just like famous Opera building in Sydney, Australia, ha?
There are so many people on the boat, you cannot believe! It is a fan.
North Vancouver shore. Mol in North Vancouver.
Same mol. It gets crazy busy in summer. Sad Vidya.
Somewhat happy Vidya. Very happy couple on the top of the watch tower.
Amiya was bold to come up half way... ... and even on the top, where we took the top picture.
She liked this boat very much, as you can see. Oops. This one did not came out good, but you can see Vancouver West
End downtown , at least.
Vidya is having fear of height for a moment before he gets to normal. [see next pic] Now is ok.
Look at this fountain an the shadows' play. .....
Amiya's ship from the top. Other ships resting Saturday afternoon.
Vancouver at the sun set. Deep black see....
.... how beautiful.
We will come here next Sunday. Wouldn't you?