Our trip to Stanley Park, the land mark of West Vancouver, is worth being here. Parks are old and beautiful, full of wild animals and beautiful birds, walk ways, water bodies, beaches with the Oceanic Aquarium at the center.
Native People worshiped nature since we all depend on her. These are not idols or objects of worship but just historical records and geographical descriptions.
Cyrus like this looks huge, but it is not as big as those found few hundreds years ago here. They were massive.
It is land of cypress.
These geese are not afraid of people.
Aquatic Center has in tropical section many Amazon water reptiels, birds and fish.
There are Arctic animals also like these seals and...
...beluga whales
Funny Sea Otters and...
...playfull dolphin boy.
Please come to visit us and take a tour with us after nice kirtan at our asram.