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Dum Dum Park - Kolkata
November 24th 2006

Listen to the talk as you watch the relevent pictures:

Srila Bhakti Sundar Goswami Maharaj joyfully with humility explains his latest realizations from visit to London and Russia.
Srila Govinda Maharaj quoted his Guru : "One who will do seva - seva will go to him" - referring to the fact that despite his poor health he traveled to visit devotees in Russia and London . He wanted to see their enthusiasm and affection to him. To his surprise he found himself healthy and strong, enough to chant4 songs every single day. He does not do it anywhere else. As he spoke he became very enthusiastic and animated as if he was there again.
He was very pleased to show ensemble devotees the pictures from his memorable trip to Russia. With details he glorified devotees on those picture.
He had much to say about every devotee on the pictures of the photo album, and that with great enthusiasm.
'If we do seva' -he repeats -' seva will go to us giving us full nourishment . This fortune wouldn't come to me if I wouldn't go to Russia'.
In this way Srila Govinda Maharaj glorified devotees in Russia.