Words of Wisdom - Srila BS Govindadev Goswami Maharaj

Words of Wisdom - Srila BR Sridhardev Goswami Maharaj


"Religion of the Heart"

  • "You cannot conceive of the Absolute through your mind and intelligence.
    Mental power is the highest in this mundane world, the mind can move faster than the ether, but that is also useless to approach Him. He is achintya [inconceivable]."

  • "What we need is good friends and association. Then we can proceed happily. And the other factor is that if our surrender is perfect, then from the upper level faith will come to us and protect us."

  • "The preaching principle of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is very simple: you be humble, be tolerant and give honour to others, and practise Krishna consciousness in the line of Sri Rupa-Sanatan."

  • "Real life is doing something of eternal value. If someone can do something in connection with the eternal world, they will receive eternal result. That connection comes through transcendental knowledge, consciousness and activity; therefore we have no other course but to follow the divine guidance of Sri Guru.."

  • "In the mundane plane, whatever bad or good will come to us will come according to our karmma. We will not involve our Master and Lord with that."

  • "Srila Saraswati Thakur has written this in his poem, Who is a Vaisnava: 'When your ego will grow to embrace the ideal that you are the servitor of a Vaisnava, you try and hold that within your heart.'"

  • "We must be sincere and must be chaste in the line of Krishna consciousness. That means faith must be strong. 'I must get, today or tomorrow.' When the result is not coming, I must try to search within me: 'Where is my fault?' If we try to understand: 'Where is my fault?', mercifully by the grace of Krishna it will appear to me: 'This, is my fault.' "

  • "I have no intention to enjoy this life. I am working only for the service of Lord Krishna, and for the satisfaction of my Guru Maharaj. I must try to do good for everyone, that is the instruction of my Guru Maharaj. I want to be your friend, not your enemy."

  • "What is Gurudeva doing? He is giving service to Krishna. For the satisfaction of Krishna he gives us a rope to rescue us, and he takes us as a flower-offering to the lotus feet of Krishna."
Govinda Maharaj

Govinda Maharaj

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Srila Sridhar Maharaj explains the difference between Kirtan and Japa

From Relative to Absolute

"Sermons of the Guardian of Devotion - Vol.1" (read by Mahananda BR Prabhu)

"Holy Engagement"(read by Mahananda BR Prabhu)

  • Krishna’s divine will is in the background of everything that exists. And when one comes in connection with that paramount power, that original plane of reality, he will not have any care; he will become fearless, mayasantusta-manasah sarvah sukha-maya disah (Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.14.13)

  • "You were born of Nectar, to taste Nectar. Do not allow yourself to be satisfied by anything else but nectar"

  • One day will come when our egoistic feeling will dissolve and from within, our real self, a member of the infinite world, will spring up and awaken, and we will find ourselves in the sweet waves of that environment. There, everything is sweet. The breeze is sweet, the water is sweet, the trees are sweet, whatever we come in contact with is sweet, sweet, sweet.

  • "To find the key to the proper world where life is worth living, you'll have to dive deep into the reality that is within you"

  • "OM means a big YES. What you are searching for that is. Don't be disappointed"

  • "Actually everything is divine. It is all the grace of the Lord but we can't see it; rather we see the opposite. The dirt is in our eyes"

  • "Our tendency at present is to cure what we see on the outside. But we must take the opposite attitude to recover"

  • "This illusory world is full of variety and movement, and above is the non-differentiated plane of the Absolute. But on the other side, there is again a differentiated and specified world, beyond sense perception"

  • "The body is the biological expression of the soul's misconception"

  • "Suspicion and hesitation are the worst enemies. We may be near to the truth, but our suspicious nature deceives us. We must begin our work of conquering all those mental encasement we are living in"

  • "It is not possible for the eternal to find fulfillment in the temporal. Belief of a life of prospect in the subtle domain of faith"

  • "The quality of the truth is measured by the degree and intensity of our surrender to it - to the point of no return".

  • "Apprehension and uncertainty are always troubling you; you must cross beyond them, go up, and you will find sivam - no apprehension, but the positive life"

  • "Humility means 'to not encroach on the rights of others.' And also, it should not be such as to kill one's own self. It must be natural"
  • "A guide, sadhu-sanga, is the most important factor in the life of a bona fide seeker of the truth"
  • "Slavery to the Absolute is the highest position of freedom"
  • "Extreme hankering for the truth is in itself happiness"



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